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Hedging their bets in the battle to defeat cancer, many patients are turning to the benefits of integrative therapies for cancer, using herbs, enzymes, visualization, and healing diets to curb the disease. Oxygen, exercise and certain forms of beneficial bacteria are also employed as unconventional therapies for malignant tumors and lesions. According to David Hess, author of the investigative book “Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies,” more than a half million people are experimenting with non-traditional approaches ranging from consuming asparagus puree to downing health drinks and supplements. Some patients exclusively use integrative therapies, eschewing radiation and chemotherapy, while others mix both traditional and non-traditional medicines.

The benefits of integrative therapies for cancer are numerous. They include a restoration of strength and energy, easy accessibility and the possible avoidance of negative side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea, infertility and hair loss. Depending on the treatment chosen, the procedures could also prove less costly. Patients also report enjoying a greater level of control and choice through exploring integrative therapies.

The lynchpin of integrative cancer therapy is that healing comes from the natural / organic substances and strategies themselves as well as the body’s immune system. The immune system is presumed to be revived and strengthened in its defenses through natural therapies.

Also inherent in the use of integrative therapies is that chemicals in highly processed foods, such as pesticides and preservatives, weaken rather than empower the body. For this reason, most patients using integrative cancer therapies avoid processed foods, fast foods and even foods that are likely to have hormones, are genetically modified, or contain chemical preservatives.

An organic diet anchored on fruits and vegetables is a typical route chosen by many users of integrative cancer therapies. Specifically, they seek dark purple and green produce that is ripe with phytochemicals and tannins and is believed to have protective powers. Phytochemicals specifically have been cited in medical research for halting and reversing malignancies.

In addition, many integrative therapists recommend that cancer patients skip salt and fat, except natural oils. The focus is also on raw foods and raw juices, or as close to their natural form as possible, with no added sugar. In fact, refined sugar is usually avoided due to a few preliminary studies suggesting sugar feeds cancer cells.

Oxygen therapy has been a popular option for those seeking a natural way to fight cancer. While oxygen is necessary and life-sustaining for humans, cancer cells, according to researchers, are anaerobic and are less likely to survive in the presence of increased oxygen levels. Enemas, detoxification, and fasts are also features of many integrative cancer therapy regimens because they are believed to rid the body of toxins.

Although integrative therapies for cancer may take longer to achieve results, participants embrace its ultimate benefit: maximizing quality of life for every day the patient might have. Many patients that have been diagnosed with aggressive or late stage cancers, like breast cancer, mesothelioma, or phyllodes tumors, adopt an integrative approach to promote better survivability.

by Allison Brooks

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